A few days ago on behalf of The Meditation Initiative, Founder Jeffrey Zlotnik h...

A few days ago on behalf of The Meditation Initiative, Founder Jeffrey Zlotnik had one inmate lead 23 other inmates in meditation at a local prison here in San Diego. Jeffrey was not present and received feedback today from the men and the correctional counselor. The counselor said he wished it had been on film, as he was absolutely amazed! The men all shared how impactful it was to be led by one of the guys on the inside. They commented on how respectful they were while this 21 year old man in prison led the meditation. These men are together in what is a very hostile and violent environment. Not on this day, as the 24 men sat peacefully together in silence, simply sitting and breathing. I can not begin to tell you how incredible and rare this experience was for these men. The meditation script was that of The Meditation Initiative, a perfect format for anyone wanting to lead meditation. These men will one day be back in society and we are doing our part to help them find a sense of peace and calm to carry with them on the outside. Thanks to Mylene Merlo and so many others for their support of this program! Please visit www.meditationinitiative.org to learn more and support these meditation outreach programs!

The Meditation Initiative
Home page of The Meditation Initiative. The Meditation Initiative provides free meditation sessions to help decrease stress, lower anxiety, reduce anger, and improve focus and concentration. We provide free community outreach to K-12 Public Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Prisons, Diabetes Patients, H…

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