September 2015 Newsletter - Train the Trainer Workshop Update


Train the Trainer Workshop - Update as of 9/12/15

Thank you for your interest in attending the Free Train the Trainer Workshop on Sunday September 20, 2015. We will start at 9am and end at 3pm. Please arrive a few minutes early so we can begin on time. The location will be at Albert Einstein Academy in South Park. Address is 3035 Ash St, San Diego, CA 92102.
Coffee, water and snacks will be provided in the morning. We will have a 45-minute break for lunch and you can either bring a lunch or walk to a few options very close to the school.
If you are not local and joining us via webcast, please reply to let us know...We will have connection details for you ASAP... 
Please reply once again to confirm you will be attending and answer the following questions:
1 - Full Name
2 - Organization, if any
3 - Are you bringing guests? (All are welcome, but we need to know for seating purposes)
4 - Do you have a place you plan to facilitate meditation? (If not, that is ok)
If there is someone you know who may be interested in the training, you may forward this to them as well. I thank you for wanting to make a positive difference in your community!
Training is provided free of charge, but donations are always appreciated.

We also need someone to film and stream the training. If anyone is able to do this, please reply.

Do you live outside of San Diego? Interested in bringing a Train the Trainer workshop to your city? Please contact us for more details.

Click here for more details on the training!
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Changing Lives One Breath at a Time

In 2014 The Meditation Initiative led meditation for free with 9,100 people! That was our best year ever with regards to how many people we reached. The first six months of 2015 were busy as well, as we have been focused on internal structure in addition to our ongoing Meditation Outreach Program.

Thanks to the leadership of Gail Eason and with support from the Board of Directors, we have written a new mission statement and new vision statement. These are always a work in progress as we continue to define how we best serve the community. Special thanks as well to volunteer MacPherson Worobec for helping us get to this stage.

New Mission Statement
We empower people to change their lives, by providing free meditation to anyone anywhere.
New Vision Statement
Teaching people how to deal with, stress, anger, anxiety, sadness and depression through the practice of daily meditation. Creating a world where people slow down and pay attention to their breath.

New Marketing Piece
Thanks to the awesome volunteer marketing team of Melissa Kushnaryov, Paula Zamudio and Angela Aguilar we created a beautiful "Leave Behind" to share with people after providing meditation. The hope is to keep people engaged and practicing meditation on a daily basis. 


Meditation Outreach Program - A Few Highlights

Juvenile Court Schools

Founder Jeffrey Zlotnik led meditation for teens in the Juvenile Court & Community School, kids who have been in and out of the Juvenile Prison System. Please read this amazing feedback after meditation from one of boys:

"I realize meditation is a very cool thing to do at home then I think this helps people most have many problems. Before I meditated I felt very bored and also very anxious and I felt I running out of the class I felt very bored and lazy I even felt like dying in that moment an useless. After I meditated I feel very good I felt like I was so relaxed then I keep feel like I was flying and then I was started to feeling very cool and cold inside it was cool." G.W, Age 14

Prison Meditation Program
From Jeffrey Zlotnik - Each week becomes more difficult to describe my experience in prison. Yesterday I led a 2 hour Train the Trainer Workshop with 6 prison inmates. These inmates will begin to lead meditation 2-3 times a week moving forward. We then went to our usual meditation time and they decided to let me lead since I was already there. They did however sit with me up front, as they saved a chair in the middle for me. I entered the main quad area and they all began to clap as I walked in. Three guys to my left, three guys to my right. The seven of us sat and faced about forty other inmates as we meditated in silence. Once again, this was a scene that I wished had been filmed, like one from a movie. I'm so proud of these guys and know they will do an amazing job leading meditation. I know this practice will begin to transform their lives. Once released from prison, I believe they will have a new tool to help them become healthy and productive members of society.
Access Youth Academy
Founder Jeffrey Zlotnik led meditation for Access Youth Academy, an organization committed to transforming the lives of underserved youth. They use the sport of squash as a catalyst to transform young lives. They focus on Academic Achievement, Health & Wellness, Leadership and Social Responsibility. Students are hand selected to be in the program when they reach the 7th grade. They provide guidance for building essential life skills to becoming responsible and honorable adults during their 6 years with Access Youth Academy.

La Jolla Country Day School
Founder Jeffrey Zlotnik had the honor of leading meditation for free with the Executive Leadership Team at La Jolla Country Day School. La Jolla Country Day School is an independent college-preparatory school serving nearly 1,200 students from age 3 through Grade 12. We look forward to starting regular meditation classes in the fall with both staff and students.

Preuss School
Founder Jeffrey Zlotnik led a meditation workshop for a Health Fair at Preuss School in La Jolla. This event was planned by UCSD Department of Family Medicine and Public Health, as part of their Public Health Practicum Program. The Preuss School is a charter school serving students in grades 7-12 who come from low income families and who would be the first in their family to attend college. I was honored to be invited to participate in this special day for these kids.

San Diego County Health & Human Services
Founder Jeffrey Zlotnik led a free meditation workshop for 75 staff members with the County of San Diego Health & Human Services Agency, Aging & Independence Services. We always enjoy bringing meditation into a corporate setting, teaching people how to be calm and stress free while at work. One woman approached me after and said, “Thank you for letting me know I can do meditation anywhere and anytime. I always thought I had to pay for it. Now I know meditation is free.” Another woman said, “I learned meditation 45 years ago and have been using it on and off. I have never heard it explained so simply and clearly. Thank you for being here with us today.”

Wounded Warriors with PTSD
Feedback from a United States Military Veteran after a meditation workshop led by Founder Jeffrey Zlotnik - "I think the most important thing I heard from you was that meditation allows us to see that we can sit with all the pain and noise and not run to something. I was just having a moment of anxiety, and I remember what you said about how it is the mind. So I took 5 minutes and it helped. I have been flirting with meditation for some time but never really hung on; but I feel that your presentation finally got me to "get it" and I plan to take it one day at a time from here." C.S.

TMI Intern Cheyenne Kellis 
Thanks to Cheyenne Kellis for being an awesome intern! Cheyenne is a Jr. at High Tech High School and provided us help with accounting, web design, marketing and video production! Thanks to Cheyenne's help, TMI was able to bring meditation once again to High Tech High International. Students have an ever increasing level of stress and demand put on them daily. Not to mention the challenge of dealing with social media and how this impacts mental and emotional health. Leading a group of high school students in meditation is so beautiful. Letting them experience 5 minutes of silence in the classroom has a huge impact on the rest of their day and hopefully their life. I love seeing teachers care so much for their students!

TMI in the NEWS
The Meditation Initiative Founder Jeffrey Zlotnik was interviewed on The CORE Hour LIVE on ESPN Radio. Jeffrey shares how meditation applies to every day life, even baseball. This 12 minute interview segment just went live, so click here to check out the interview!

The Meditation Initiative and Founder Jeffrey Zlotnik are honored to receive some national coverage from National Clearinghouse on Families & Youth. Click here to read the article 6 Ways to Work Meditation Into Your Busy Day

Click here to read the article "Court staffers use meditation to relax, refocus" in the San Diego Union Tribune Newspaper

Click here to read the article Meditation Helps Combat Veterans Turn the Page by Ben Grinberg. "
I can only imagine the tremendous courage and training endured to prepare for war and to go into combat. Mental toughness displayed beyond our wildest imagination. Then in the blink of an eye, an IED explosion occurs and a life has changed forever."

An interview from Good is Greater with Founder Jeffrey Zlotnik: News and Inspiration from Around the World featuring The Meditation Initiative - Click here to read the article!


A huge thank you to Mylene Merlo who for the past 2 years has been donating 10% of every real estate commission check she earns to support The Meditation Initiative. She is a great real estate agent, an incredible friend, wonderful wife and mother to her family. She believes that meditation brings change to our communities.Thank you Mylene for everything you do to make this world a better place! Learn more about Mylene here -


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"The Meditation Initiative is changing lives one person at a time, one breath at a time. The service they provide the community is of tremendous value and should be experienced by everyone." - Scott H. Silverman, CNN Hero and Founder of Confidential Recovery.

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