We are excited to be announcing soon our new TMI business structure, committees and our plan for TMI's future! We look forward to working with you at the start of a new growth phase for TMI. We hope you will join us in the beginning of next year to kick off our volunteer campaign.

There are many people who have offered to volunteer, the support has been amazing and we thank you! As we begin to build the organizational structure however, we want to make sure the Executive Committee is prepared to work with all the volunteers. We respect your time and want to ensure your time is utilized wisely.

Since our first meeting in September, we have put together a core Executive Committee to help drive this process. These individuals will function as team leads and work with additional volunteers like you to handle all necessary tasks and responsibilities. We are pleased with the progress to this point and look forward to our continued success, which will be possible with your help!

We will contact you very soon with additional information regarding the meeting, so please stay tuned...

If you are interested in attending this Volunteer Team Meeting, please contact us and let us know you would like to attend. If you were not at the first meeting, that is ok, just let us know your area of interest. If you have no specific focus, that is ok as well and you are still welcome to attend.
Some specific areas of need are listed below:

  • Fundraising (Individual Donors, Corporations, Foundations)
  • Grant Writing / Research
  • Curriculum Development
  • Marketing & Communications (Website, Blog, Newsletters, etc.)
  • Train the Trainer Workshop Coordinator
  • Program Development
  • Photography, Film & Video Work
  • Online Meditation Classes & Workshops

Please note - This Volunteer Team Meeting is not for people who only want to lead meditation. Our focus is on building the infrastructure and operations so we can prepare to meet the demand for meditation.