We empower people to change their lives, by providing free meditation to anyone anywhere.
Teaching people how to deal with stress, anger, anxiety, sadness and depression through the practice of daily meditation. Creating a world where people slow down and pay attention to their breath.

Officially incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in January of 2009, the goal of The Meditation Initiative is to provide free meditation for everyone. The organization was founded by Jeffrey Zlotnik, based on his experience leading meditation throughout San Diego, starting with bringing meditation into the prisons in 2003. TMI has served more than 75,000 people for free since 2009.

Each week we sit with people who suffer from severe depression and anxiety, many of them considering suicide. We see 5-year old boys and girls angry, 14 year-old kids homeless, 40 year-old men in prison for murder and 75 year-old people sad and lonely. This is in addition to working with people dealing with stress from their corproate jobs. We aim to reduce the levels of these emotional reactions, giving people healthy ways to face their daily challenges.

With stress levels on the rise leading to heart conditions and other life threatening diseases, the prevalence of teen violence and domestic abuse, high rates of prison recidivism and homeless youth, societal changes are needed. The Meditation Initiative was formed to address these issues and show people how they can take control of their behavior and emotional response to their environment. In a society so quick to medicate children for ADD/ADHD and other psychological disorders, it is time for an approach to mental health issues that is proactive and preventative.

The Meditation Initiative has been built one person at a time and one client at a time. We have never asked anyone to bring us in for meditation classes or workshops. Our extensive client list comes from organizations contacting us and asking if we will share meditation within their setting. Our answer of course is always yes!

“Meditation has made me realize how much trouble I don't have to get into.” - 14 Year Old Homeless Boy