Weekly Meditation Classes with Seniors


"I was able to quiet my mind and begin to compose music!" - 20 Year Old at Braille Institute

“After meditation I feel less destructive.” - 12 Year Old Male Student

“Meditation Before Medication!” - 12 Year Old Girl with ADD

“Today when I was doing some meditation I felt really peaceful.” - 8 Year Old Female Student

“Today I used meditation in my cell not 1 but 2 times” - Male Prison Inmate

“On Monday, I am already stressed. Then I think only 3 days until meditation.” - 13 Year Old Homeless Girl

“Meditation is mostly the only quiet time I have.” - 14 Year Old Homeless Boy

“Meditation has made me realize how much trouble I don't have to get into.” - 14 Year Old Homeless Boy

“I am able to find peace at least one day out of the week.” -  15 Year Old High School Student

“It has been two weeks and I am now sleeping drug free. How amazed I am!” - 75 Year Old Woman

“Last time I felt relaxed was 30 years ago.” - Male Prison Inmate

"Great session, I think several of the Judges will begin a meditation practice. You helped justice in San Diego." - Superior Court of CA Judge