Jeffrey Zlotnik provides TEDxYouth@SanDiego simple tools to bring calm, peace and presence in the moment - personal tools for life! "Once we stop trying to change everything outside of us and we work on changing our mind and our heart and our reaction to the world around us, life gets a little easier, a little more peaceful, a little happier." Join Jeffrey for a simple meditation now.
Jeffrey Zlotnik, Founder of The Meditation Initiative, leads a 17 minute basic, breath-focused meditation. This simple practice is great for those who are curious about meditation but never seem to have found the time. Learn about the common misunderstandings of meditation and the basics needed to develop a daily practice. This is an audio recording only, video will be coming soon...

“On Monday, I am already stressed. Then I think only 3 days until meditation.” - 13 Year Old Homeless Girl